New Consultation £250
Follow up consultation £200
Virtual consultation £180
Skin surgery*
Mohs Surgery with reconstruction £1000
Excision of skin lesion £250
Excision of cyst / lipoma (<3cm) £250
Excision of cyst / lipoma (>3cm) £350
Surgical scar revision from £300
Keloid excision from £250
Shave / curettage (first lesion) £200
Shave / curettage (additional lesions) £100
Other procedures*
Punch biopsy £150
Needle point electrocautery £200
Steroid injection £150
Cryotherapy £150
Photodynamic therapy £200
Punch excision £200
Subcision £200
Dermal filler (for scars) from £200
Axillary botox for hyperhidrosis £250
Laser surgery*
Laser test patch £100
Pulsed dye / long pulsed Nd:YAG laser £300
ICON laser £300
Q-switched Nd:YAG laser £300
Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser from £300
*Facility fees
In addition to the fees listed above, procedures generally incur additional fees that are billed by the clinic or hospital where the procedure is performed. Examples for Skin55 are listed below, however please contact my practice management team for an accurate quotation. There are no additional fees for consultations.
Skin surgery £250-£1000
Laser test patch £150
Laser treatment (except CO2 laser) £200
CO2 Laser £300-£1000
Steroid injection £100
Cryotherapy £100

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