New consultation (Harley Street) £230
Follow up consultation (Harley Street) £200
Virtual Consultation £160
Excision of skin lesion (per lesion)* £200
Re-excision of skin cancer* £300
Shave / curettage (first lesion)* £150
Shave / curettage (additional lesions)* £100
Cyst removal (first cyst)* £200
Cyst removal (additional cysts)* £100
Punch biopsy* £150
Electrocautery (for benign skin lesions)* £150
Cryotherapy (up to 3 lesions) £150
Cryotherapy (more than 3 lesions) £300
Steroid injection (per vial) £140
*Histopathology and/or theatre fees may apply
Histopathology and theatre fees
Histopathology fee (charged by pathology service) £200
Theatre fee (for use of operating theatre) £300