Causes of Linear naevi

Acneiform naevus [top]

CHILD syndrome [top]

Conradi-Hunermann-Happle syndrome [top]

Epidermal naevus [top]

Epidermolytic verrucous epidermal naevus [top]

Goltz syndrome [top]

Hypomelanosis of Ito [top]

ILVEN [top]

Incontinentia pigmenti [top]

Lichen striatus [top]

Linear Darier disease [top]

Linear Hailey-Hailey disease [top]

Linear and Whorled hypopigmentation [top]

Linear basal cell carcinomas [top]

Linear lichen planus [top]

Linear porokeratosis [top]

Linear psoriasis [top]

Linear seborrhoiec keratoses [top]

MIDAS syndrom [top]

Mafucchi syndrome [top]

McCune-Albright syndrome [top]

Naevus depigmentosus [top]

Naevus lipomatosis [top]

Nevus sebaceous [top]

Non-epidermolytic verrucous epidermal naevus [top]

PEODDN [top]

PTEN epidermal naevus [top]

Palmoplantar verroucous epidermal naevus [top]

Parkes-Weber syndrome [top]

Proteus syndrome [top]

Segmental leiomyomas [top]

Segmental neurofibromatosis [top]