Causes of Fever and rash in child

CMV [top]

Cellulitis [top]

Chickenpox [top]

Dengue fever [top]

Dermatomyositis [top]

Disseminated gonnococcal infection [top]

Drug reaction [top]

EBV [top]

Erysipelas [top]

Hand foot and mouth disease [top]

Henoch-Schoenlein purpura [top]

Infectious mononucleosis [top]

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis [top]

Kawasaki's disease [top]

Leptospirosis [top]

Measles [top]

Meningococcaemia [top]

Neonatal lupus erythematosis [top]

Parvovirus [top]

Rheumatic fever [top]

Rubella [top]

Scarlet fever [top]

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome [top]

Systemic lupus erythematosis [top]

Toxic shock syndrome [top]

Vasculitis [top]

Viral hepatitis [top]