What conditions can be mistaken for acne?
By: Dr Magnus Lynch

The diagnosis of acne is usually straightforward and can be made by examination of the skin. During your consultation I will establish whether your acne is mild, moderate or severe and whether it is comedomal or inflammatory. There are a few other conditions that can appear similar to acne but these are simple for a dermatologist to distinguish.

Perioral dermatitis is a common condition that causes clusters of reddish spots on the chin, around the nostrils and sometimes around the eyes. It is frequently mistaken for acne.

Rosacea is another common condition causing redness of the face. It can have different appearances one of which is papular rosacea which causes reddish spots ‘papules’ that can be mistaken for acne.

Milia appear as small white spots on the face and can be mistaken for acne whiteheads. They area caused by the build up of keratin under the skin surface.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae ‘razor bumps’ causes inflamed spots in the beard area. It is thought to result from short hairs irritating the skin and is much more common in men, particularly in those with skin of color.

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