How do you know what the right treatment is for your acne?
By: Dr Magnus Lynch

Acne treatments can broadly be classified into over the counter topical products, prescription topical treatments, and tablet (systemic) treatments. The choice of treatment is determined by consideration of the following factors:

  • The types of acne lesions that are present: blackheads, whiteheads, papules (red spots), pustules (pus-filled spots) and nodules (red lumps) - see our previous post on the types of acne lesions.
  • The severity of the acne and whether there is scarring.
  • Previous treatments that you have tried for your acne.
  • Whether hormonal imbalance is contributing to your acne.
  • Other health issues that you may have and whether you are planning pregnancy in the near future.
  • Any concerns that you might have regarding side effects of treatment.

If you have mild acne it is advisable to start with over the counter and prescription topical treatments before moving on to prescription tablet treatments where these do not prove effective or if you suffer from moderate or severe acne, particularly where there is scarring.

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